What is call4sale?

 call4sale is a one of a long distance (international/domestic) phone service that you can
 use from any touch tone phone, your cell, home, business phone or even a payphone.
 After dialing the access number, the call4sale system recognizes the caller-id of the phone
 numbers you register, so you never have to enter a pin to make a long distance
 (international/domestic) call.
 We provide the lowest international rates, crystal clear voice quality and great features like
 recharge, speed dialing and call details online.  Call4Sale has one minute rounding.

How do i sign up with call4sale?

 The easiest and most convenient way is via our website. If you need additional help or
 do not have Internet access, you may sign up over the phone by calling Customer
 Support at

 1-800-430-0228. 7 days a week 24 Hrs a day.

 Why should i sign up?

 Greatest Savings! Most Competitive Rates!

 A flat rate of 2.9 cents instate and state-to-state, as well as the lowest International rates
 (click here).

 No Switching Necessary!
 When you sign up you will receive a 1-800 access number and an account number. This
 means that you can use our services from any phone without having to change your
 existing Long Distance Carrier.

 Use From Any Phone
 You can use call4sale from any touch-tone phone, including your cell phone, anywhere
 in the continental US!

 Use While Traveling
 You can use call4sale from any pay phone or hotel phone across the country. Just dial
 the toll-free and enter your pin number and enjoy the savings with no additional fees.
 If you make a call from pay phone FCC mandated pay phone surcharge may apply.

 No Hidden Charges!
 There are no access fees, connection fees, surcharges or any other hidden fees
 associated with call4sale Long Distance Service.

 Quick PIN Access
 call4sale offers the convenience of ANI (caller-id) recognition so you do not have to enter
 a PIN each time you make a call. You can program up to ten Quick Pin Access Numbers
 on our website. Anytime you place a call from these numbers, you only have to dial the
 access number and phone number that you wish to call.

 Speed Dial Numbers
 Program up to 10 speed dial numbers on the website. When placing a call, all you have to
 do is enter the desired speed dial number, followed by #, and the system will connect you.

 Recharge Anytime... !!!
 When your balance is low just login to and recharge your account.
 Online Account Management
 Log on to our website to review, manage and track account balances. You will be able to
 view detailed call logs, store Speed dial and Quick Pin access numbers and much, much more!

Q: Is this special introductory rate available to me all the time?
A: No. This special introductory rate is for first time charge only. All future recharges will be billed at normal call rate.

Q: This special introductory rate is available to all customers?
A: No. This rate is available to only new customers, who have not registered with us and have not used our service before. This way, they can try our service and experience.

   How does call4sale work?  

 Choose the plan that fits you best, and fill out the online sign up form. During sign up
 you will be asked to registera phone number you wish to access the system from, as
 well create your 4 digit pin no.

 Customer Login.
 Upon Authorization of your credit card, your account will be immediately activated for
 use! That means you can start making call immediately!!

 To place a call after signing up:
 1. Just Dial either the
 LOCAL ACCESS      # Please click here to see the list of local access number.
TOLL FREE FROM USA/CANADA # 1-800-430-0226, UK 0-800-085-2359

 2. Followed by the destination number
 For USA/Canada Calls - Dial 1 + Area Code + Phone Number  followed by "#' sign.
 For Intl Calls - Dial 011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number followed by "#' sign.
  Cell Phone Users:

 Additional Features

 To redial a number Press # when prompted to enter the destination number.

 *Every time you make a call the system will read you the balance and the minutes to the
   destination that you are making the call.
 *If you run out of minutes, you can recharge your pin online.

 What if you Need to make a long distance call from a payphone or a friend's
 phone using call4sale?

 Just dial the toll-free access number (1-800-430-0226) followed by your registered phone
 number and PIN no. you created at sign up, followed by the destination number. This is the
 only time you’ll have to enter a PIN and that’s just to ensure the privacy of your account.
 This way you can enjoy call4sale rates from anywhere. Perfect for when you're traveling or
 when your cell is out of battery!

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